Thursday, October 1, 2009


We registered at Bed Bath and Beyond!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home Improvement Big Time!

This week was a huge stepping stone for the process of our home to be! Our families and us spent about 9 hours working on fixing up our home just today! Let's see to name a few things those lovely people helped us do... My mom almost single handedly painted the whole house and it looks amazing! We got a door frame up and painted a couple shutters, nailed some wood up that was falling, painted a rocking chair, got a door put on our bedroom, brought a new bookshelf in, fixed the dryer, put in a can light over the sink, sealed and cleaned the freezer, stopped the toilet licking problem, painted and touched up the kitchens new wall color, created a movie room, installed a little alarm system, cut down a tree, put up a breakfast bar and that's just this week! Garrett and I couldn't be more blessed with amazing parents who are ready and willing to help us out! We are getting so excited to have a place that will be OUR home!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We Registered!

We really had fun picking out things for our new lives together! We registered at Target! It's going to be so fun to have our own place and our favorite things from our favorite people! We got to go around the whole store with a red scanner... and this is a list of the things we picked out.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My amazing Birthday Morning!

This morning I woke up to garretts ring tone and he asked me if I wanted to go out to breakfast with him because that's one of my favorite things to do. I of course said yes and rushed out the door to meet him. However when I got out side there was a lot more than I expected! There were two dozen long stemmed red roses laying in my driveway in the shape of a 20 for my Birthday! And a little note written in chalk! It was amazing! How special he makes me feel!!! It was soooo awesome!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fixen it up : )

The past couple days we have been spending time fixing up our new home... The biggest things we have got down have been pressure washing and painted our deck as well as lifting it up to the front door. The improvement is amazing! What's also amazing is garrett has been repairing our fence. Here is the before his hard work and after...
I have been pressure washing too but you can't see that in these pictures : ) We are having so much fun seeing what we can do when we work hard together. It's great!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Well we have an amazing fridge and a brand new microwave from some ridiculously amazing people! Thank you John, Dave and Mary Kay!!! We are excited our kitchen is looking better and better! Can't wait to be able to use all of it!

A trip for TWO

I don't even know what to say! We are so excited and our Family is way beyond amazing! Let me tell the whole story... Garrett and I were ready to work for Flash Photo and arrived at our shooting destination only to be told that the job had canceled. My dad however invited us out to dinner so we head to Elenitas one of our absolute favorite Mexican restaurants. We take our time getting there because mom was going to meet us and we figured it would take her a couple min to arrive. So we walk in the restaurant and there sitting all together is our WHOLE FAMILY! Our parents and all our grandparents and my aunt yell SURPRISE! We both had know clue of what was happening. It was our engagement party with a huge gift from the whole family a HONEYMOON! Not just any trip but a once in a lifetime vacation... 7 days in Cancun at a resort called Le Meridien! They had pictures for us and plane tickets with our names on them! Even a Mexican piƱata with spending money! It's still unfathomable to believe all this will happen! Our family can not be thanked enough!!! This gift is unbelievable!!!